About Liv's Beautiful Bling

My name is Olivia Avant-Lester and I joined Paparazzi Accessories as an Independent Consultant in October of 2017 with the support of my husband Lenard Lester. One of my mottos: Teamwork makes the dream work.  I joined the company to make some extra income, but it proven to be a blessing and so much more. Paparazzi is a family, and we call it the Papa family. When you join my team and this company you are not only becoming your own Boss, but you are becoming family. Since starting Paparazzi I am growing a family of my own, Team(TNT)- Tenacious and Triumphant Diamonds and Bosses and we are expecting nothing less that Explosive Blessings.

Do you want to know why? Because there are countless testimonies of how this company has changed the lives of so many including mine. It is not about wearing a piece of jewelry but it how it makes you feel when you wear it. It's building relationships and making dreams come true.

I started this company with my company name Omybeautifulpieces and now after 3 years in the company and lots of memories, friends and family its time some something new that I would like to share with you. Liv’s Beautiful Bling Collection

Liv's Beautiful Bling Collection

  • Here you will find captivating, classy, urban, dazzling, dainty pieces and so much more.
  • Beautiful accessories that you can wear every day of the week
  • Sets that will enhance your natural beauty when you wear it
  • Liv’s Bling that will make your t-shirt pop
  • That perfect piece of jewelry for that special occasions
  • Top Picks from Liv’s Featured Items and surprises along the way

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